About Us

About Us

LGS Tutor was founded to offer life-changing tuition for all so this mission makes us excited to get up Faithful and come to work every day with full potential.

No matter how students prefer to learn. LGS Tutor creates tools that everyone can utilize at LGS Tutor because LGS Tutor believes that every child should enjoy their education pathway. So we consistently endeavor to develop students into enthusiastic, engaging, motivated, and confident leaner. We believe that for children to succeed. Academically the base must be strong reading, time-table, division facts mental, Maths, writing (Grammar and punctuation), and spelling. Because it is often the case that children do not read enough. We aim to develop a love for reading those who read. Often have inference skills and language/vocabulary for students of all ages. By unlocking learning skills/potential and building confidence.

We aim to provide a service tailored to your individual needs and approach or learning style. Because our platform LGS Tutor provides a one-to-one teacher facility. which is the most effective studying pattern that every student requires we want the equation to be accessible to everyone.

Our Mission?

We know that choosing the right extra tutor for your child can be a big decision. So we are familiar that you want a provider who you can trust to support.

Why Choose US?

LGS Academy has the track record of best quality education service for all subjects and grades in all Pakistan especially in Islamabad/Rawalpindi (All Areas), Lahore (All Areas), Karachi (All Areas), Peshawar (All Areas), Faisalabad (All Areas), Multan (All Areas), Quetta (All Areas), Hyderabad (All Areas) and all over Pakistan. LGS Tutor has a team of professionals M.Phil./Ph.D./Post Ph.D. from the former country, subject specialist having higher grades record your child in a safe environment where can enjoy learning and ideally fit around your busy schedule.

That’s where we come in! since 2015, we have helped over 100000 children aged 4 to 40 to achieve their potential but don’t just take our word for it was proud to be rated “Excellent” on the independent review site.

LGS Tutor’s mission is to help students build the skills necessary for success these skills include organization, time management, goal setting, and self-progress monitoring. We also help students’ main topics covered in their classes and help prepare them for tests and projects. LGS Tutor’s mission is to provide professional, patient, and supportive tuition of the highest standard.

We aim and believe to encourage an enthusiasm for life long leaving. Our prime focus is quality tuition of ensuring this high quality, all of our tuition is delivered by fully qualified school/college/university teachers, all areas of Pakistan.

When you begin a lesson you can simply work on a week to week basis in co-operation with your tutor. We only recruit tutors who can meet our strict policy especially in terms of qualifications, performance, and character.

We monitor the performance of tutors and ensure they continue to meet our exacting standards if not then their registration is canceled.

To find out more about how we can help, please call our team today on 92 333 3331 924.

who will be happy to discuss your particular requirements and where you will find a suitable teacher/tutor.

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