Lahore American School (LAS)

Welcome LGS TUTOR ACADEMY!  We are providing professional Male & Female, top level and professional tutors of   for home-online tutor in all areas of Lahore, Faisalabad and other cities where LAS schools are found. Our LAS tutors are skillful, Proficient, with extensive and exclusive tutoring experience of LAS School students. Lahore American School (LAS) tutors are best known to Convey ”A” grades and set a solid knowledge base as nothing else matters. They induce a sense of responsibility and guide their students in their studies while working on their emotional, creative, professional, intelligence and moral values. Our LAS school tutors encourage independence, confidence, and ambition in all their students.

Lahore American school system is one of the leading private schools’ networks of Lahore & it grooms students for the American college-preparatory education, where students can take acceptance letter anywhere from preschool to grade 12.

Our LAS tutors are seasoned professionals with years of experience, under their belt of teaching student of Lahore American School (LAS) across their all campuses in Lahore and other cities where Lahore American School (LAS) founded.


  • LAS tutor for LAS Pre-school to Pre-Kindergarten (all subjects)
  • LAS tutor for LAS Kindergarten to Grade 8(all subjects)
  • LAS tutor for LAS Grade 9 to Courses 12(all subjects)
  • LAS tutor for LAS Advanced Placement (AP) Courses (all subjects)
  • LAS tutor for LAS Entrance exam preparation (all subjects)

To find out more about how we can help, please call our team today on 92 333 3331 924.

who will be happy to discuss your particular requirements and where you will find a suitable teacher/tutor.

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